The SMD Online Meet Up Kitchen; Cooking Isn’t Rock Science!

Lets learn delicious techniques &recipes using our trusted,tested NAFDAC approved 100% natural MSG free spices &herbs mix. ▪Introduction to natural cooking, why how & benefits.
The secret to
▪Ayamase sauce,
▪Ewa agoin that every family can eat(kids friendly),
▪Delicious smoky jollof,
▪Chicken suya,
▪Beef Suya kebab,
▪Coconut veggy rice,
▪Bulgur & velvety beef vegetable sauce.
▪Broth& Stock recipe.
▪Fresh fish stew

• Learn how to make your own vegetable bullion powder with vegetables around you. • Peanut banana&strawberry smoothie. • Introduction to pressure pot cooking with a delicious beans concoction recipe.

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A wonderful blend with the richness of Nigerian spices, herbs and peanuts with added benefits of some carefully selected asian and oriental spices for great tasting, healthy and nutritious finishing!

Our Yajji Suya is great for making all types of Suya/kebab,from beef to Lamb,chicken, fish and whatever you wish!

This is a handy spice to have, great for marinades and dry rubs. It a wonderful tasty addition for yam and potate fries too,and a good friend to rice concoction!



A taste of Nigeria in Spice Mix,with an addition of Asian oriental Spice& herbs!


Our Yajji Original spices& herbs blend has distinctive herbs and spices from all the different parts of Nigeria, from the north to the west and eastern Nigeria.
What more, spices from Asia has been added to enrich it nutritional, health and flavour benefits.
Our Yajji original is specifically unique for Pepper soup, boiling beef,chicken, fish,Lamb and it’s great in sauces too.
For those who love noodles,this spices mix and others mix are amazing replacement for noodles MSG filled inserted flavours!

It also works beautiful as dry rubs and marinades too .



This spice Mix is exactly what it’s name says! Not so simple in taste,yet not fussy and a definite delight in Moroccan kebabs and dishes!

Your BBQ is just about to get to the next level of great wonderful flavor blends.

This mix is great in tomato pepper sauce (think pasta sauce and you got it right!), giving your sauces intercontinental flavour! Make delicious BBQ rub, Rice concoction, Marinades and, beans more… A spice especially rich in antioxidants!

With this mix, give your dishes intercontinental burst of flavours


What would you use this spice mix flavour for?⁣

⁣Birth from some of our favourite flavours with the addition of the Nigerian unique spice use in our local dishes ” Iru/Locust beans”! ⁣

This new spice mix has got over 15 of the best spices and herbs that suit Nigerian dishes! ⁣
Its spicy, hot and Nigerian! ⁣

It is exciting and adds so much amazing flavour, heat, and zest to your ewedu, okra, gbegiri, egusi,efo, ata dindin, stew, sauces and more..


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SMD Spices Curry Mix

The wholesome flavour that brings every dish alive!⁣
Curry has been given a bad rap generally, as what you find commonly in the market is a poor imitation of mainly turmeric to the real deal! ⁣

The SMD Spicy Curry Mix is a combination of 12 important spices and herbs that lends unique colour, flavour and aroma to your meals! ⁣

This spice mix is an important necessity for absolutely every dish that hopes to turn out fantastic!⁣

From fried rice to stew, moi moi, beans, marinades sauces, egg, marinades etc. It’s a best friend to all dishes and works alone amazingly well too.

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SMD Multipurpose Spice Mix

Hello peeps!

We’re here again with our range of spice mix.

Today’s Spice Mix Feature is SMD Multipurpose Spice Mix.
This spice mix is all round, which has about 20 different herbs that are naturally grown.

Do you want a quick meal with no MSG? SMD Multipurpose Spice Mix is the go to.


This is it! This is your everyday go to spice mix,this is the spice mix made specifically for Nigerian every day dishes. A rich mix of spices and herbs,for making broth and stock which is then used for cooking efo riro, egusi, Mia kuka, ogbono, edikaikong stews, jollof and more. It is also great for stew,sauces and marinades… This is your healthy go to everyday addition that is free from MSG and all artificial additives!

Uses and Descriptions

All our spice mix are free from MSG and all artificial additives, including artificial preservatives, flavours and colours!

Each of the mix has between 11 to 20 combination of different spices and herbs that has been carefully studied and selected to give perfect taste finishing!

Store in their jars away from heat. Do not put wet spoons in the jars, and always close tightly after use.

The mix contains sea salt, so be careful while adding salt to your meals. Sea salt is a healthier alternative to the usual table salt. Some of the spice mix also have some specific sea food…

Enjoy ? and do give us feed back please ?

To order your spice mix flavours and sea salt, please contact us on WhatsApp 08064422278.

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SMD Everyday Menu Table

The Everyday Menu table is beautiful and practical. It adds some spunk to everyday dishes.
Divided into breakfast, school snacks & school lunch ideas. Dinner and pre dinner entree is included.
There are special dishes for the weekend and list of ingredients needed there too.

Its available in hard copy (₦1200) and eCopy (₦600).

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Important Notice With The SMD Spice Mix

Due to the present heat, its very important your spice mix jar is stored in a very cool place, preferably cold refrigerator!

Do not store in cupboards or anywhere close to heat source especially not near your cooking stove please!

The SMD spice mic is free from all artificial additives, including preservatives.

There is likelihood for your mix to grow weavils because of the heat, just as beans grow weavils.

Do not fear if it does, it only shows that the heat is too much and just like beans, you could sieve and pick them out.

Thank You.
Signed, Management.


My Favourite Quote of The Day – Recipe

A recipe has no soul. You, as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe. – Thomas Keller.

Our recipe can be the same but the outcome might be different due to the different way or let me say style we make our recipe.

Want to learn how to cook amazing recipe without using bullion cubes?
Our online e-class will be on soon, where you will see how we make our delicious recipes.

We will teach you practical ways, unique techniques on how to be an amazing cook.

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