Do you know we make soups, sauces and stews just ready to go with any dish you prepare?
All soups and stews come in 2 liters bowls except for Ewedu which may come in 1 liter bowl.

Our delicious soups and stews are without artificial seasoning, enriched with SMD Premium All-natural Spice Mix.

?Ayamase sauce (Ofada sauce) : It has shaki, the 3 different kinds, abodi, round about, fuku, edo(all Offals), some dry sea food, ponmo, beaf…

?Efo riro : Dry panla osan,prawns,cray fish, dry fish,(Offals might be available if requested).

?Egusi soup : seafood and beef

?Chicken stew(we do not use frozen imported chicken, [slaughtered hygienically and lawfully).

?Obe eja umoyo with fish of choice.

?Ogbono with sea food/beef and Offals OR both depending on choice.

?Gbegiri soup.

?Ewedu to yo.

?Seafood okro soup.

?Beef stew.

?Goat meat stew.

?Peanut soup with Beef and orisirisi.


??Tomatoes,Pepper Sauce.

?Minced Beef & Kidney Sauce.

?Smoked Fish Sauce.

?Beef balls sauce.

?Seafood Sauce.

?Garden Egg Fish Sauce.

All these and more in the coming Business Year.

There will be awesome discount and more awesome offers.
Send us a message now and be in our soup and stew clients directory.

Our weekend special will be back with lots of yummies on offer. From intercontinental dishes to delectable pastries, and special breads(pizza,shawama,cheese bread, cream bread, cinnamon rolls etc).

You want to learn how to make all these and More?
Then let the registration begin to join our hands on *SMD Lagos Cook& Bake School*
For enquiries 09024987831

Join Dr Famurewa For Your Dental Services On Sunday 7th @The SMD Place

Join Dr Famurewa for your dental services on Sunday 7th @The SMD Place !

The SMD Place will be hosting her first Pop Up Resturant.
We have on our Sunday menu :
>Ofada rice with Ayamase sauce(has orisirisi inside it and has a side of grilled fresh fish. Price From 600/700/1000 per Plate.

Abula; Amala with Gbegiri, Ewedu, Beef &Ponmo /Or Fresh Fish Soup(Obe eja Umo)/or Any of the above. 600/700/1000

Dessert : Cake &Cookies in Yogurt with Nuts 600/800/100 Per Dessert cup (depending on Cup variants).

Drink : Chilled SMD Herb Tea in 3 Flavours 150 Per Cup Flavor.

Please Make your bookings with Timing…

We will also have our soups available to order Ayamase, Gbegiri, Fresh Fish soup, Beef Soup in 2 liters bowls…
Bookings end Friday 5th by 1pm.

Let’s give you the resturant experience in a beautiful serene environment…
The SMD Place,Where Dreams Are Made…

Note : All our meals are cooked without artificial seasoning enriched with spices and herbs.
Our dessert are without artificial additives…
Check contact Details in Poster.
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Tag a foodie and invite to come on a natural food adventure..
This week is females only pop up resturant with dental clinic.

The SMD Pop Up Resturant

The SMD Pop Up Resturant experience on Sunday 7th will STRICTLY be on bookings. Walk in services WON’T be available for the resturant, no prior bookings no resturant please!

We look forward to giving you a treat of tasty classic west Nigerian dishes ,with a refreshing dessert and enjoyable herb tea. If you would like to enjoy this service treat, please book on or before Friday by 11am.
Contact 08023637802.
See poster for details, thank you !

#ofada #ayamase #abula #gbegiri #ewedu #soups #stew #dessert #cakes#cookies #nuts #resturant #resturantexpirience #naijadishes #naijafood#naija #yorubafood #bellanaija #naturalcooking #dooneyskitchen
#dentalhealth #dentist

Tag a foodie and invite to come on a natural food adventure..
This week is females only pop up resturant with dental clinic.