A Business Training For Muslimah-preneurs.

Connecting muslim women of different backgrounds

Business shouldn’t be an accidental act, it should be a conscious effort to make halal money the easiest way. it isn’t something you jump into, it is a deliberate study of turning opportunities to financial success using laid down rules, experiences and understanding current business practices and trends!

the Tijaarah Tea aims to educate Muslim women on the rules of Sharia on trading. There is no benefit in having all the knowledge of business without the knowledge of what the Sharia’ says on each trade.
As muslim women, it’s not just about making money, it’s more important to learn the rules of Allah to attain financial success which biidhnillah aids us in attaining the pleasure of Allah.


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“"Good Tijaarah tea, Alhamdulih! Well structured, detailed and interactive. πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ Pls I don't know when the next tea will be, but I will also like it if you can include "Business, home and deen -striking a balance"”


“" I had wanted to review it, but I'm short of words. Maa shaa Allaah,It's more than awesome like you'll say
😍😍😍😍😘😘😘 So lovely!"”


“"I enjoyed d bit I met.sis Fatimah is a blessed teacher.she dwelled on things I had been looking for answers on.
And u my dear mummy,ur words were just awesome,maa Shaa Allah. I felt like pushing faster dan I had planned sef to tell u how encouraged I was.jazakillah khayran ma
I met awesome sisters too.looking forward to another one,bi'idhnillah.
Has,before I forget o.i enjoyed my tea,snack,chinese fried rice with no artificial cubes,yoghurt and d chinchinπŸ‘…"”


“"Salaam alaykum waramatullah wabarakatuhu sis, I just wanna say jazakillahu khairan for hosting us yesterday, the forum was awesome, I enjoyed myself a great deal in all ways may Allah accept it as an act of ibadah for you and us and bless all our endeavors. Shukran. Please keep me posted on events"”


“My sweet MD I am loving you more and more.This opportunity by Allah's grace would give my life a direction and focus Insha Allah. May Allah put barakah in all we do.
PS: I really need a mentor who will give me that lift please. I am the lazy and easy giving up type.Allah has used you to help me .May your home be filled with His Rahma.loving you for Allahs sake😘😘"”

SaidatChief Organic farmer @ GreenSkills

“"Yesterday's Tijaarah Tea was super amazing, not just because of the food or regular pep talk(which btw was awesome as usual) but because it was a challenger,a game changing session...
Between understanding the need to boost our confidence level for personal n business growth...to being a chair leader for one another irrespective of our business nature and to my favorite part, seeing that i can actually run a successful business or businesses in a jilbab and not feel any less a person is really awesome...Sis Shariifah,i can go on and on but i will stop here and let the impact of the Tijaarah Tea sessions reflect in the new me In Sha Allah...Jazakhibllahu Khairan for an awesome time,I look forward to the next In sha Allah, aamiyn."”

Zainabcreative director @ Heartycrafts

“"My SMD.πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸΌYou made my day. I felt relaxed among my sisters, I learnt practical tips to apply sharp sharp, Sis Mutiat was awesome for the practical training on sales pitch, and our expert in Konga stores,then that heart to heart call from Sis Ganiyah . I just do not know how to thank Shariffah Mama delight except Keep it up and Jazakum llahu Khayran. Love you for sake of Allah😍😍 Is indeed a challenge for we the Abuja Muslimpreneur!πŸ’ͺ🏼"”


“"Alhamdulilah for yesterday's Tijaarah tea,it was indeed awesome. I must say thanks to you and other facilitators for actually bringing most participants out of their shells,I personally enjoyed the company of my lovely sister,I don't know how to word all I gained but it was awesome and I went back home with so much hope and a feeling that I can take my business to fulfilment in sha Allah. Keep up the good job."”


“Sis...i wanted to wait to write a very long epistle on how grateful and pleased to have met you, but i quickly realized the wait will take quite a while as i am not expressive and not a good writer. Hence this short note, I am glad to have met you, i love you for your works and your person (the little i observed) and for Allah's sake.
I heard about you since 2013 From Nussy, almost every sentence she made had a Mama's delight,her Sister's name and i think another in it and i wondered how she could continually speak of another person this much...fast forward i tasted your cake, and by Allah, it was amazing and when i met you in person, i was genuinely pleased and understood why Nussy spoke so much about you.”


“Tijaarah Tea has opened my eye and heart to so many things, i av started implementing from that day, i look forward to learning from you in any capacity available...May Allah continue to bless you, ur family, ur work and increase you in wisdom, hidaya n sekinah and make Al jannah firdaus our final abode, amin...jazakha Allahu khairan"”

GhaneeyyahLead creator @ YogurtDeli

“My sweet MD I am loving you more and more.This opportunity by Allah's grace would give my life a direction and focus Insha Allah. May Allah put barakah in all we do.”