five fun facts

5 Fun Facts About Shariifah Yunus

5 Fun Facts About Shariifah Yunus – CEO Sherry’s Mama’s Delight-SMD.

1. Something weird about me.
I love cooking baking and love to feed people! I, however, dislike eating so I am really underweight!

2. Something embarrassing:
I am sort of lactose intolerant, I cannot take milk more than once a day! If I take it twice…hmmm let’s just say the loo and I become BFF #coversface(my digestive system needs to make up her mind!). I also must take tea every single day.

3. I dislike intensely threw types of characters, two-faced, cowards and the worst those who have both characters.

4. I love being a work at home mum. I am the last face the kids see when they leave home and the first face to see when they get back home. My kids bug the c*** out of me, I am happy when they go to school and I am free to do my thing, yet hates when the holiday is over and they go to school again…sigh

5. Bucket list… Before I die, I want to go to Mecca and then visit several countries to learn how to cook local cuisines, desserts& sweets.


This Is A Slice of Divine Rich Taste!

This is a slice of divine rich taste! Rich soft butter,c ream,chocolate and no artificial flavour!

I know this isn’t picture perfect, but i need to tell you about this cake. I started baking over 20 years ago as an amateur, but in the last 12 years i have learnt so much taking my cake game to octaves of delight. My customers are returning, our cakes are always a treat!
Here are some reviews from last week’s order…

So let me ask you, aside yearly anniversaries what other occasions would you love to be gifted cake?

Mention 3 and you might just be in for a surprise…

Will You Spell Love With A Cake?

When last have you given your loved one a treat outside birthdays?
Should you wait for once a year event to tell a loved one how much you care?

Seriously,if you were to pick from a loved one sending you cake gifts on random days, to say how much you are loved or you get a cake just on your birthdays,which would you prefer?

So will you spell love with a cake, not because its a birthday but because you care?

SMD cakes are not only free from artificial flavours,they are baked with love and extra rich butter(not just margarine!). Send us a WhatsApp message by clicking here and lets introduce your palate to a taste of rich,delicate cakes…


In the last eleven years,we have celebrated eid with hundreds of families. Our delectable delights free from artficial flavours,preservatives and enriched with the best of real butter, fine natural vanilla,quality chocolates and baked with love!

Every Ramdhaan we give the SMD delights to familes to celebrate and grace their eid menu. Celebrating eid in joy,dhikr and with delicious treats.
Due to the pandemic this year,eid might be low key but surely it will still be enjoyed with our family!

Let’s add delectable treats to your eid.
Book your cakes &cookies now.
We will have available only 3 flavours of cakes this eid (chocolate,buttermilk and vanilla), and ofcourse our sandwhich cakes of 3 flavours too. Two flavours of cookies will also be available, (rich butter cookies & chocolate chips cookies) .

Unfortunately,we will be taking very minimal orders this eid. Once we reach the limit,we sadly have to stop taking orders. This is because we are still working under staff due to the pandemic. Booking formally ends Ramadhaan 23rd.

For your booking, please WhatsApp 08064422278