I came to Lagos over 20 years ago as a young sisi.

Lagos was loud, too fast and kind of rough for my omo ilu oke kind of person.

Over the years, I have fallen in love warts and all. I married omo eko from ile aroloya Lagos Island. My children are omo eko, and when I needed to make my passport I had to naturalize to become omo eko gangan! This is possible since it is allowed for a woman who marries a lagosian to naturalize and become a lagosian legally.

My dream started in Lagos, the realisation in Lagos. I became a mother here in Lagos, fostered a beautiful relationship in Lagos. I have spent half of my lifetime here in Lagos and I have come to love this state as mine.

For those who want to destroy our Lagos, oba Allah o ni fun yin se. Lagos has opened her arms wide like a mother who always put her children in her heart and blossom.

Whoever strives to break our Lagos, may Allah break your back!

We will work together to rebuild our home.
Let us come together to give back to a state that is most welcoming, a state kind to her people and visitors.

Emi ni Shariifah Yunus,
Aya won leko,
Iya won leko,
Omo won leko,
Awa la leko,
Eko o ni baje ooo…

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