I am the culinary artist and instructor at Sherry’s Mama’s Delight. SMD is a culinary outfit where snacks are made free from artificial flavours,  and preservative .
My need for healthy cooking for homes and events inspired me to create six flavours of premium all natural spice mix for cooking delicious meals!
Our mix are free from artificial seasoning , colours and preservatives, but enriched with wholesome spices and herbs.

I am an instructor on and off line,having taught over a thousand women the the science and beauty of baking and unique ways of using spices and herbs to prepare dishes that are beyond ordinary!

After several years of being a business woman failing and then finally learning tricks to succeed as a business woman in Nigeria with unique challenges, I started a business workshop for the Muslim woman! My hope God willing,is to help the next generation of women to be financially intelligent and successful.

There is no success without thinking of the less privileged,helping to feed the poor has been a major highlight of what we do at SMD. With your help and donations,I ensure great tasting healthy meals are cooked for the less privileged !

I am on a mission to take away artificial seasoning from our meals,making sure that you are the healthiest versions of yourself .
Sincerely Yours,
Shariifah Yunus