Important Notice With The SMD Spice Mix

Due to the present heat, its very important your spice mix jar is stored in a very cool place, preferably cold refrigerator!

Do not store in cupboards or anywhere close to heat source especially not near your cooking stove please!

The SMD spice mic is free from all artificial additives, including preservatives.

There is likelihood for your mix to grow weavils because of the heat, just as beans grow weavils.

Do not fear if it does, it only shows that the heat is too much and just like beans, you could sieve and pick them out.

Thank You.
Signed, Management.


My Favourite Quote of The Day – Recipe

A recipe has no soul. You, as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe. – Thomas Keller.

Our recipe can be the same but the outcome might be different due to the different way or let me say style we make our recipe.

Want to learn how to cook amazing recipe without using bullion cubes?
Our online e-class will be on soon, where you will see how we make our delicious recipes.

We will teach you practical ways, unique techniques on how to be an amazing cook.

Our spice mix are still available for you to order please CLICK HERE

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Kitchen Nugget (Prepare Ingredient)

Today on SMD’s Kitchen Nugget

Prepare ingredient before cooking; pre-cut veggies and put in airtight bowls in the refrigerator.
Marinate chicken/beef overnight.

This makes cooking easier and faster!














Approved By Nafdac

It started like fun, a hobby, a new lifestyle change. About 10 years ago, Iwas introduced to spices and herbs unconsciously by my sister Ruka. Someone gifted her some herbs &spices and since she knew I loved trying out new things she gave them to me. The spices and herbs had no names on them, I had never seen them nor had any idea how to use them!

The first time I was brave enough to use, my meal was horrid! The meal tasted like aagbo and smelled so weird and overpowering.
And my journey to natural cooking started.

I remember I went to naira land to find out if people will be willing to eat natural seasoning cooked meals.
Everyone who responded told me it was a tall dream and the food would not be delicious without ma***. Only one chap encouraged me, he told me to give it a shot, that he believes overtime people will accept it. I decided to be encouraged by that one person and work on the naysayers points such that i would become a ba***** natural cook!

The dream became a reality, and years after I created the first flavour of SMD spice mix (multipurpose) and started selling commercially. Before I sold commercially, I first sensitized people in free classes, taught women how to make mix at almost no cost, and had live cooking classes to convince people that natural cooking isn’t just possible, but delicious and super healthy too!

After years of producing this amazing mix in 6 flavours(with our newest baby making it 7 flavours), and thousands has graced homes and pots, I knew it was time for the next big thing!
The SMD Spice Mix has become a formidable brand that caters for home and professional cooks. It takes meals from ordinary to extra ordinary, while putting healthy cooking in the forefront!

We started the process of ensuring that we give not just healthy, but also have products that would meet certified national health standard. Our mix was subjected to rigorous lab tests,went through several checks and finally we introduce to you the new and approved SMD Spice Mix!

As at December 31st 2019, The SMD Spice Mix Has Been NAFDAC Approved

Our spice mix from late January will carry new lables with our NAFDAC registration numbers.

We are so grateful to all our amazing clients and family and we promise you,we are giving awesome services this year. Watch out for our marketing train in major cities in Nigeria!
If you have a store, and you will like to stock our mix,please send us a mail on info@smdelight.com.
Thank you for your patronage,may we all have amazing business year.
With love,

Shariifah Yunus Olokodana; Lead formulator @Sherry‘s Mama’s Delight. _SMD Spice Mix, Making Your Seasoning, Your Delicious Medication_