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5 Fun Facts About Shariifah Yunus

5 Fun Facts About Shariifah Yunus – CEO Sherry’s Mama’s Delight-SMD.

1. Something weird about me.
I love cooking baking and love to feed people! I, however, dislike eating so I am really underweight!

2. Something embarrassing:
I am sort of lactose intolerant, I cannot take milk more than once a day! If I take it twice…hmmm let’s just say the loo and I become BFF #coversface(my digestive system needs to make up her mind!). I also must take tea every single day.

3. I dislike intensely threw types of characters, two-faced, cowards and the worst those who have both characters.

4. I love being a work at home mum. I am the last face the kids see when they leave home and the first face to see when they get back home. My kids bug the c*** out of me, I am happy when they go to school and I am free to do my thing, yet hates when the holiday is over and they go to school again…sigh

5. Bucket list… Before I die, I want to go to Mecca and then visit several countries to learn how to cook local cuisines, desserts& sweets.


SMD Multipurpose Spice Mix

Hello peeps!

We’re here again with our range of spice mix.

Today’s Spice Mix Feature is SMD Multipurpose Spice Mix.
This spice mix is all round, which has about 20 different herbs that are naturally grown.

Do you want a quick meal with no MSG? SMD Multipurpose Spice Mix is the go to.


This is it! This is your everyday go to spice mix,this is the spice mix made specifically for Nigerian every day dishes. A rich mix of spices and herbs,for making broth and stock which is then used for cooking efo riro, egusi, Mia kuka, ogbono, edikaikong stews, jollof and more. It is also great for stew,sauces and marinades… This is your healthy go to everyday addition that is free from MSG and all artificial additives!

Uses and Descriptions

All our spice mix are free from MSG and all artificial additives, including artificial preservatives, flavours and colours!

Each of the mix has between 11 to 20 combination of different spices and herbs that has been carefully studied and selected to give perfect taste finishing!

Store in their jars away from heat. Do not put wet spoons in the jars, and always close tightly after use.

The mix contains sea salt, so be careful while adding salt to your meals. Sea salt is a healthier alternative to the usual table salt. Some of the spice mix also have some specific sea food…

Enjoy ? and do give us feed back please ?

To order your spice mix flavours and sea salt, please contact us on WhatsApp 08064422278.

For more information, check our FB page: @smdnigeria
IG @smdnigeria
Or email at


SMD Everyday Menu Table

The Everyday Menu table is beautiful and practical. It adds some spunk to everyday dishes.
Divided into breakfast, school snacks & school lunch ideas. Dinner and pre dinner entree is included.
There are special dishes for the weekend and list of ingredients needed there too.

Its available in hard copy (₦1200) and eCopy (₦600).

Please Click Here To Order For Yours


My Favourite Quote of The Day – Recipe

A recipe has no soul. You, as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe. – Thomas Keller.

Our recipe can be the same but the outcome might be different due to the different way or let me say style we make our recipe.

Want to learn how to cook amazing recipe without using bullion cubes?
Our online e-class will be on soon, where you will see how we make our delicious recipes.

We will teach you practical ways, unique techniques on how to be an amazing cook.

Our spice mix are still available for you to order please CLICK HERE

Please send a WhatsApp Message to our customer relation on 08064422278

An apology first,and then… SWEATING THE SMALL DEENI STUFFS OUT!

I sincerely apologise for going awol these past couple of days,I have so much on my hands right now. I will really try not to be this long gone again,I enjoy being here and I have missed your lovely comments. So let’s let’s talk about sweating the small stuffs out!
I had a discussion with some lovely sisters which led to this. I just kept thinking about how we sometimes over look seemingly small issues in the deen and view it as not important.
When something is not allowed,it is as simlpe as it is not allowed! Its like deciding to still pick what we wish from the deen,like deciding to say this is what suits me and my circumstances,and that is exactly what I’ll do!
Eg,a muslimah should not wear tight dresses as an outer garment,yet she says,“oh,what that means is we should not let it be too tight,its all about moderation,all about our intention!”
I also find it strange when after doctors of deen say something is not allowed,we still find our way around it. However,when a doctor of medicine says don’t do this,we obey and take it,hook line and sinker(take this medication after eating. No one says water is just as good, I can choose to drink water instead of eating. We will eat something,even if its the killer fizzy soft drinks or just some biscuits,we know we are to obey the doctor and eat something! )! In fact,using medicine as an example here is too serious.
When a professor of english language who has spent several years studying the rules of grammar says, “commas don’t end sentences”,we agree!
No one argues it out,no one says I can end my own sentence with a comma,we know what that would mean,a fail it is! Same goes with issues on deeni matters. Unfortunately,deeni matters are more important but sadly given lesser value. With the deen,even one seem to be a faqii(one who gives judgement or rullings)it is not just about our lives,but our aakhirah,the purpose of our existence.
Maybe those small issues won’t determine our jannah,but who says that,how do we determine that?
Is it you and me who knows so little of the deen or the scholars who spent their lives studying it? So maybe,those small stuffs won’t determine our jannah,but if it’s part of the rule of our deen,we should pay more attention!
These rulings on those things make the bigger worship into a deficient ibaadah,and they are capable of ruining our ‘ibaadah and we know it!
We have not been created for fashion,play and amusement but for worship! We shall give accounts for every single thing,we shall be rewarded for over coming our nafs just to please our creator.
Do I sweat all the seemingly small deeni stuff out,maybe not! However,I ask Allah to soften my heart towards not taking those so called small issues as unimportant,but make it easy for me to take it all as an act of ‘ibaadah with great rewards.
No one knows which deed will be the one to tip our scale of goodness on that day we will need every single bit of good. I will advice sincerely,let us all pray we can sweat the small stuffs out,let us all pray we will not make our self into one who still has an opinion when a rule has been decided by those who know better than us.
We are sisters/brothers,we do owe one another sincere naseehah.
It affects everyone of us,Shaiton might be winning in the case of the disbelievers,and with the muumin,he strives to win over us too,falauthubillah! We won’t give the devil the chance to ruin our aakhirah,by making issues appear as small and insignificant.
May Allah ease and rectify our affairs,aamin.
With love,
~Your sister Shariifah~

Join Dr Famurewa For Your Dental Services On Sunday 7th @The SMD Place

Join Dr Famurewa for your dental services on Sunday 7th @The SMD Place !

The SMD Place will be hosting her first Pop Up Resturant.
We have on our Sunday menu :
>Ofada rice with Ayamase sauce(has orisirisi inside it and has a side of grilled fresh fish. Price From 600/700/1000 per Plate.

Abula; Amala with Gbegiri, Ewedu, Beef &Ponmo /Or Fresh Fish Soup(Obe eja Umo)/or Any of the above. 600/700/1000

Dessert : Cake &Cookies in Yogurt with Nuts 600/800/100 Per Dessert cup (depending on Cup variants).

Drink : Chilled SMD Herb Tea in 3 Flavours 150 Per Cup Flavor.

Please Make your bookings with Timing…

We will also have our soups available to order Ayamase, Gbegiri, Fresh Fish soup, Beef Soup in 2 liters bowls…
Bookings end Friday 5th by 1pm.

Let’s give you the resturant experience in a beautiful serene environment…
The SMD Place,Where Dreams Are Made…

Note : All our meals are cooked without artificial seasoning enriched with spices and herbs.
Our dessert are without artificial additives…
Check contact Details in Poster.
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Tag a foodie and invite to come on a natural food adventure..
This week is females only pop up resturant with dental clinic.

The SMD Pop Up Resturant

The SMD Pop Up Resturant experience on Sunday 7th will STRICTLY be on bookings. Walk in services WON’T be available for the resturant, no prior bookings no resturant please!

We look forward to giving you a treat of tasty classic west Nigerian dishes ,with a refreshing dessert and enjoyable herb tea. If you would like to enjoy this service treat, please book on or before Friday by 11am.
Contact 08023637802.
See poster for details, thank you !

#ofada #ayamase #abula #gbegiri #ewedu #soups #stew #dessert #cakes#cookies #nuts #resturant #resturantexpirience #naijadishes #naijafood#naija #yorubafood #bellanaija #naturalcooking #dooneyskitchen
#dentalhealth #dentist

Tag a foodie and invite to come on a natural food adventure..
This week is females only pop up resturant with dental clinic.