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Why the SMD Natural Cooking Recipe Cards is different from regular cook books

Cook books are common enough, and mostly kept in bookshelves to protect them!
A small problem with that though,with cook books you tend to forget them in the shelves or get too lazy to pick them out when you need to cook.
With the SMD recipe cards,we inspire you to not just cook naturally,the cards make you excited to get out your pans and actually cook!
The recipe cards have 11 well detailed recipes of stew,soups,sauce,side dish and main dish with detailed explanation!

Each recipe is on a hard full colored card which includes ingredients,quantity and detailed methods of cooking. The cards also have pictures of both ingredients and the cooked dish artfully displayed. At the end of each recipe, there is important kitchen tip that aids your cooking experience.
The cards are meant to be hanged! Put together with strong beautiful rope,you just hang it on your kitchen wall! Each of the page is beautiful and glossy,it calls you to try your hands on unique new ways of cooking delicious treats! The recipes are specially chosen from the east,west and northern Nigeria, with a delicious intercontinental dish added!
The recipes ensures that you have something different to cook from the usual and mundane every day dishes, and of-course we have our delicious Nigerian jollof rice included too!

The SMD Natural Cooking Recipe Cards is launching big and beautiful at an event that will be relayed soon next month innshallah!
Pre order and pay for your recipe cards at 5000 before October 30th! After launch date,cost goes back to 6k original price!
You may support the launch by pre-ordering as many copies as possible!
All recipes cards will be received after launch date!
Send a chat to 08064422278 to book for your copies now!

SMD Recipe Cards, Inspiring You To Cook Healthy &Delicious In Classy Style…