Yajji Peppersoup Regular Jar







A taste of Nigeria in a Spice Mix jar,with an addition of Asian oriental spices& herbs!


SMD Yaji Pepper Soup spices& herbs blend has distinctive herbs and spices from all the different parts of Nigeria!


Ginger,garlic,fennel,iyere,uda,cayenne, bird eye pepper, oregano, seafood,cloves,African nutmeg& seasalt..

From the north to the west and eastern Nigeria.


What more, spices from Asia has been added to enrich it nutritional, health and flavour benefits.

Over the years,we have studied spices& herbs that helps alleviate symptoms to certain ailments and we added them up to help make out food into our healing.


This spice mix is specifically unique for Pepper soup, making beef,chicken, fish,lamb broth. Its that special blend you need in oha, ogbono,white soup etc… Its great in sauces, fish stews and fish dishes too. For those who love noodles,this spice mix and other mix serves as amazing replacement for noodles MSG filled inserted flavours!


It also works well as dry rubs and marinades too . If you are Nigerian in diaspora and you miss the taste of home,SMD Yaji Peppersoup reminds you of home with the beautiful aroma that leaves you smiling.


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