SMD Native Pot Regular Jar







What won’t you use this spice mix flavour for?



Birth from some of our favourite spice mix flavours with the addition of the Nigerian unique spice used in our local dishes “Iru/Locust beans”! It has got an enviable number of the best spices and herbs that suit Nigerian dishes!


From locust beans, Seafood, Corinader, Turmeric, Cumin, Black &White Peppercorns,Chili,Ginger,Garlic,Onion,African nutmeg  Cumin, Oregano,Parsley, Thyme,Rosemary in ratios that you can hardly believe it has other than Nigerian grown spices and herbs in it.


Its spicy,hot and Nigerian!


It is exciting and adds so much amazing flavour, heat,and zest to your ewedu(jute leaves), ila asepo(okra), gbegiri(bean soup), egusi,efo riro ,oha,ogbono,edikaikong, white soup, ata dindin, stew, sauces,local stews,and more.


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