Chili and Pepper Regular Jar




*SMD Chilis& Peppers Herb Mix*


This spice mix is a beautiful colour blends of chilis & Herbs that is hot, savory with fiery and delicious aroma too!



It’d gives a punch roasts,panfry,soups and egg dishes…

This mix is one of our newest and it already has lot of cooks in love…


It has got all you want in terms of chili needs all in one a jar! It is a combination of 5 different types of chilis which includes; *Paprika,Cayenne, JalapeƱo,Cameroon Peppere,etc*

With the addition of about 5 peppers like *black pepper corns,uziza and so much more…*


It also includes another 5 aromatic herbs and ginger to give you flavours I am so proud of!

It’s the friend your ogbono Soup, edikaikong, oha,white soup(etc) needs.

Use with the SMD Seafood Spice Mix,Shutki &Spice,Native Pot& Yaji Pepper Soup for the soups above.


Also amazing in beans,chicken periperi and works great in marinades and rubs too. It is friend to beef,fish and poultry.


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