Seafood Spice Mix Regular Jar




*SMD Seafood Spice Mix.*

This is a unique flavor of several antioxidant rich herbs and some carefully selected spices! One of the most amazing fact of this spice mix is that it is has herbs& spices that helps alleviate the symptoms of HBP, Diebites and also helps manage weight loss journey.

The spice mix lends itself beautifully to everything fish and sea food. It is not just for fish though,using it in beef/chicken dishes it brings out great delicious flavour blends.

It is delicious for fish stew, ayamase (ofada) sauce, soups,sauces, marinades,frying eggs,beans dishes, dry rubs,broth, stock and even making Moi Moi(though it darkens moi moi, so you might need extra red in chili to counter the darkness!), pasta,concoction etc!

This is definitely a saver for every kitchen. It is healthy,tasty and rich! Try this mix for chicken marinade,you will be blown away!

After several years of working on what makes fish tick,we have this blend that gives fish royalty on the taste bud!

Seafood Spice Mix

Parsley,Bay leaf, Oregano,rosemary, Ginger,garlic,cardamon, seafood,seasalt, black&white pepper corns,chili,ceylon,sage cinnamon…


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