Spicy Curry Regular Jar




*SMD Curry Spice Mix.*


Curry is not just one spice as wrongfully believed, instead it’s a mixture of amazing spices and herbs that gives your meals exactly what it needs to stand out!


The SMD Curry spice mix is that wholesome flavour that brings every dish alive! I think the proper name for this mix should be all purpose as there is absolutely no dish it cannot cook! However we do not want to change the name its known aa world wide.


Curry has been given bad rap generally, as what you find commonly in the market is a poor imitation of mainly turmeric to the real deal! The SMD Spicy Curry Mix is a combination of spices and herbs like; turmeric, coriander, cumin, fenugreek, ginger, chili,black and white pepper corns, fennel,seasalt. It doesn’t not only lend unique colour to your dishes,but infuses great flavour and aroma to your meals too!


This spice mix is an important necessity for absolutely every dish that hopes to turn out fantastic !

From fried rice to stew,jollof rice,moi moi, beans, marinades sauces,,egg,marinades etc It’s a best friend to all dishes and works amazingly well alone too.


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