The SMD Spice Mix Can Serve As A Preservative In Your Food

Do you know that due to the preservative nature of some spices, the SMD Spice Mix can serve as a preservative in your food?

Yesterday evening, I forgot to put my Crocker fish in the freezer after I left it marinating in the colander! It stayed there for 12hours and guess what, the fish is still looking real good and no foul smell. Slide left to see the video.

Our spice mix could serve as a natural preservative in your meals(we do NOT recommend you leave fish or meat outside the refrigerator for more than an hour maximum please!). See more reasons for you to ditch the artificial preservatives in the seasoning you add to your meals?

The method you use in cooking, with the kind of seasoning you use will determine how long your fried rice would stay without refrigerating. Use our method and spice mix and be impressed!

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