Say,your husband’s boss and colleagues are coming to dinner in your house. In preparation,you have called in the professional home cleaners,you gave the house some sophisticated face lift,and got out your best china!

You then ordered Mama’s Delight exquisite spiced and flavoured 12Fruits bowl for appetisers, A red velvet cake with alternate Swiss meringue filling and German rich cream filling for dessert( hey,stop dreaming &drooling !).

Next you decided to make the main dish yourself. So your kitchen is smelling heavenly,some chicken roasting in the oven,a pot of jollof on the stove top. The guest are due in less than 30 minutes,and your jollof is running a bit late. Your hubby comes in the kitchen to give some moral support,(and steal a kiss ?) You’re getting a bit panicky,and ….the salt shaker spilled too much salt in the cooking jollof! Hubby’s trying to calm you,you getting hysterical(now calm down okay) ! He takes a taste,and well just as suspected,too much salt! What do you do? You don’t have enough time to start all over,very little extra pepper definitely not enough to make a new batch! 

So sisters and maybe brothers too,what would you do,or advice your wife to do at this critical time? Let’s have some help here… .

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