My Baking Diary – Doughnut, Cinnamon Rolls and Suya Rolls

So the kids and I spent the day baking bread, doughnut, cinnamon rolls and even suya rolls(I substituted cinnamon for SMD Yaji Suya,and it was sweet & savoury in one roll!) yesterday! The aroma of the rolls while baking was crazy, it smelled so amazing i kid you not!

The doughnuts had vanilla (and you know I use ONLY the real vanilla!)glaze on some,and chocolate on some others!
Both the rolls and.doughnuts were so super soft,buttery and just the type of descendant that makes you smile and happy especially in this season(the kids were definitely happy and even i that don’t eat much of sweet things had more than I am willing to confess too,even woke up to have more :p !)! Recently people have been asking us more on baking classes online and we are definitely working on it!

So our next master class will definitely be on baking God willing.

So which of these do you want to take a bit?
Sorry sha, social distancing things na for your eyes and imaginations only.

Please wash your hands often, practice social distancing, stay home and be safe?

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