MSG Free Spices And Herbs Mix

With the SMD 7 spice mix flavours, we help people transit from cooking with artficial seasoning cubes to the delicious, rich flavours of 100%, MSG free spices and herbs mix!⁣

After several years of dealing with a suspected Tcell malfunction( which meant my kids and i had low immunity to common ailment), I finally ditched artificial seasoning!⁣
We have now embraced spices and herbs in our cooking and finally we enjoy great immunity and better health!⁣

What more, having undergone the rigourous process of NAFDAC lab analysis and detailed factory inspection, we now have registered the spice mix flavours! ⁣

These spice mix boast the NAFDAC registration numbers on their labels!⁣

By choosing our brand,we have done half of the job to ensure you are using a brand that takes government certification serious, and ofcourse the health of our consumers. ⁣

Our spice mix has great reviews from newbies and spices and herbs veterans too. We also have resources that helps transition to natural cooking fun and delicious (Hard copy recipe cards,ecopy natural cooking menu plans, on and off line free and paid natural cooking classes!).⁣

We promise you,this is a brand you will be proud to choose for yourself and your family.⁣
Thank you.⁣

For enquires &order,please contact our customer relations officer on 08064422278.⁣
Due to the lockdown,we arent allowing pickups,but we now have available due to demands,once a wk delivery option.⁣

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