A MOTHER’S PRAYER (For the children of my womb and my children everywher!).

Oh my Lord,
Teach me the best way best way to make them honour your words,
Make me strict with loving hands,
Remove the blindfold of indulgent love,
So I will be wise to their errors yet loving them with wisdom.
Make me a symbol of virtue,
So they learn piety from me.
Make them treasure only the path you have chosen,
So their life is rich from your pleasure.
Make them the musk carrier of goodness,
So their companions smell just as beautiful.
Oh my Lord,
Make them serve You from childhood to youth and adulthood to old age,
So they will be under Your shade on the day there will be no shade but ONLY Your shade!
With these prayers,I ask of You…
Oh my Lord.
Shariifah Y.

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