• Moi-Moi or Ole-le is a south west dish majorly. It can be taken with almost anything…with garri,pap,eko tu-tu,rice meals or on its own. Moi-Moi is made from peeled beans,pureed to a smooth paste with added peppers,and onion before being pureed.
  • Different things like fish,minced meat,eggs,shrimps,crayfish etc is added to it after being grounded. Not forgetting to add red palm oil or vegetable oil,stock water and salt to taste. It is steamed in coco palm leaves for most healthy cooking with the added bonus of the nice aroma that mingles with the moi moi while cooking! However,some cook their moi moi in nylon bags,rubber bowls(most dangerous and unhealthy),or stainless steal bowls.
  • Moi-Moi being majorly a South/ West,Nigerian meal has its fable. It is said that when it is cooked by a woman during menstruation,it will be undercooked! People also make a knot and add to the boiling water to cook the moi moi,it is believed that it is the only way to make it come out perfect and cooked! Of course these are only superstitions and old wives tales that has no basis! 
  • Moi Moi can turn horribly wrong(hence the several tales)! The trick to perfect cooked moi moi is getting the consistency right,lining the base of the cooking pot with the sticks cut off from the leaves and lining with some leaves,before arranging carefully the moi moi(this is to prevent the cooking water to get into the wrapped moi moi.
  • The moi moi is perfect when it is properly steamed for the correct cooking time. It should be well covered,not allowing the steam to escape,and cooked for NOT less than 45minutes!
  • Moi Moi is a very tasty,healthy meal,that may be used as a side dish,main meal or even snacked on. For people who react to the gas in beans,moi moi is a better alternative,as the gas disturbing element in beans is rid off when made into moi moi.(By peeling the skin off and soaking!).
  • Do you enjoy eating moi moi? What are the tricks and tips you have learnt while cooking this party favourite? 
  • Do share your moi moi stories and recipe with us here.
  • ~Shariifah~♥
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