Mama’s Delight monkey bread

A story on its own
I was browsing through my Facebook news feed when I came across a strange looking bread,or so it was called. Someone wanted to know why the bread was named thus, it did have a picture but I had never seen any thing like it. I kept looking at this thing called bread,for one the colour was too pale,and then no one seem to know why it was called monkey bread. The lady who posted the picture wanted to know if anyone had a tried recipe,aside wanting to know why it was called monkey bread.
Now this is a challenge for me,I liked the look of the bread(though I had no intention making mine as pale as the picture showed). Since I have a business whose purpose is to create delicious but also unique meals and snacks,I was about to go on a quest of why monkey and how tasty!
Well,as for the name,it sure had no monkey brain in the recipe(seriously though,l was half afraid I was going to see something bizarre!). I saw the usuals in bread, however a unique quantity and richeness in the ingredient.
I never like following norm so I decided I was making my own recipe. Abracadabra,I came out with the best,sweet buttery and rich tasting bread ever! It tasted even much better the next day(and we all know bread is infamous for tasting less nice the following day!)
I did discover on my own why it is called monkey bread,but shhhhhh I am not letting on. So who will be guessing why its called monkey bread by gazing at that picture up there of the very tempting,tasty buttery discovery up there:D ?
Let see whose guess will hit my home,no cheating in professor Google please ? .
With love,Shariifah.

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