Boy : “Mummy,my food is not okay!”
Me: (tired,hungry and doing some quick thinking),okay come with me to my house,I’ll see what I can do…Feeding a 100people was the target,Feed A Soul (A deen’s communication project,may Allah grant them the best of rewards,aamiin.) facilitated the feed.
We cooked and served a particular mosque around Ile-apo,Oke -Odo,Alimosho local government area. The first day was serene,organised and had no hitch.
My kids assisted while they fasted,cooking for a large number of fasting people in our house,was so much fun and excitement for them. They wanted to assist in everything,run errands,assemble meal,and just watched the process of feeding the fasting,at least it helped keep their hunger at bay!
The first day went by with no drama,but as a new day dawned,I realized indeed the favours Allah bestowed on us is much. People NEEDED the food,they fought for it,lied for it,and little children brought their even younger siblings to the masjid to lie that they were also fasting!
There was a family who found it difficult to feed,and because of the agreement we had with the facilitators,I had to ask them to go to the masjid to take their iftaar. They sometimes went but most time would stay home,fighting for food that was not enough,was not their kind of thing!
I wished we had more money to feed more people,Ile epo is home to lots of housa boys and men who work in the market,with no shelter, the market stalls being their home! They have left their home towns seeking for greener pastures,but the greens here seems rather brown sadly! These people have no homes to go back to for their second meals,the food pack we gave them was a major blessings for them. The dua they make is so touching,yet heartbreaking. That was a glimpse of last year’s,this year we hope for more meals.
My hope is we are able to feed more people,quench more hunger. We hope we can help poor families maintain their honour by providing their iftaar without necessary going to the masjid to fight over food.
Help the one who is in transit to break his fast early,just as the prophet recommends.
So will you like to Feed the fasting with us this ramadhaan,join us to turn this hopes into reality? We still have an extremely long way to go with only few donations raised yet.
Our target is al miskin(the poor)and the one in transit.
Mama’s Delight with you will innshaAllah is hoping to feed more than a 100 or at least a 100people per day.
To feed a 100 people for a day we need=#35,000.
One person(350per person) (for 29days of the 29 or 30 days of ramadhaan) we will need =#10,150 only!
To feed one person for 15 days,we will need=#5250!
Please pay into account number(Yunus.I. Olokodana Gtb account no: 0140677998,and indicate Ramadhaan while paying.)For further information please call Shariifah on 08023637802,08172393525 or Nusrah on 08037819880,or Ibrahim 08178649669.
You don’t only have to be pregnant to feed,an old person,or a breastfeeding mother to feed,all you NEED to be is a MUSLIM!
Please remember to share this message via,social media,words of mouth and everywhere you can.
Allahumma Balligna Ramadan”
“Oh Allah allow us to witness Ramadan alive” Aamiin.
Oh Allah accept this from us all,remove all feelings of riyaa,make this count heavily on our scale of good,do not allow shaiton to have any in our rewards,provide for us to feed those in need. Accept our fasting,our sacrifices and make this the best of our Ramadhaan yet! Aamiin.
With Mama’s Delight,the cookware is our canvass!

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