I have spent about 8/9 years mixing spices

I have spent about 8/9 years mixing spices and herbs to suit the Nigerian palate.
To make amazing flavours, you need to understand certain things;

1. Understand the flavour profiles of each spice and herb,
know which spices& herbs work well together,

2. What spices and herbs works in different dishes!

3. How to cook naturally using these mix.

I try to understand the fear of the average Nigerian who worry over the cost cooking naturally. The cost of cooking with our spice mix for three times a day cooking, is just about #60 per meal! And that is if you use the mix every time you cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for 2months, with an average of 6 members in a family!

Can see it would last longer if you dont cook that often and your family is smaller?

I tell people that the value we place on our health and well being is decided by the actions and priorities we make over it.

Ill health is so much more expensive. The best we can do is to ensure healthy cooking and eating habits,(removing artficial additives in our meals is one of the ways).

Spices and herbs are rich in antioxidants that boosts your immunities and protects you from common and not so common ailments.

Cooking healthy isnt as expensive as people think,lets take care of our bodies now so it can take care of us in our older years.
Best wishes…

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