How To Add Spices & Herbs Part 1

Do you know how to add spices and herbs to your dishes?

Here are a list of things to do to enjoy natural cooking if you are making your own mix or using the SMD NAFDAC approved ready to use mix!

How to Add Part 1

(1)Spices and herbs should be used to enhance the natural flavor of food’s not disguise or obscure it. Many herbs and spices can complement a dish and each other; however, be selective in their combinations.

(2). Avoid using too many at one time. When making your spice mixture,use whole seeds that you can pound yourself. Before use, roast the seeds in a dry stainless steel pot on medium stove heat. Roast for two minutes or so or until you perceive the aroma from the spices.

When you roast, it releases the natural oil in the spices which increases the aroma and flavour. Roasting also makes it easy to pound the spices, especially for spices with outer coating of skin like coriander. With our spice mix, these has been taken care of for you.

(3). If cardamon is part of your mix and you wonder how to remove the cardamon from its pods easily, just put in a pounder and pound gently. The seeds will come off the pods, sieve or pick pods away.

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