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Ramadhaan is less than two weeks,have you heard the news?
How have you been preparing to meet the holy month? When a guest is visiting,someone we rarely see,someone we know we might not have the fortune to meet again,we go out of our ways to make the visit the best ever!
We want to work with you to start the preparations to meet the glorious guest.
Feeding the fasting is a great act in ramadhaan,one that gives us the same rewards as the one fasting,without diminishing the one fasting’s reward! Let’s make this act easy for you!
Our target is al miskin(the poor),the one who has no idea where his/iftaar will come from! The mother who is fasting,and her children who had nothing for sahuur(pre dawn meal). Also every single muslim who is away from where it is easy to get his iftaar.
Mama’s Delight with you will innshaAllah be feeding at least a 100people per day for the month of ramadhaan.
To feed a 100 people for a day we need=#35,000.
One person(350per person) (for 29days of the 29 or 30 days of ramadhaan) we will need =#10,150 only!
To feed one person for 15 days,we will need=#5250!
Please pay into account number(Yunus.I. Olokodana Gtb account no: 0140677998,and indicate Ramadhaan while paying.)For further information please call Shariifah on 08023637802,08172393525 or Nusrah on 08037819880,or Ibrahim 08178649669.
You don’t only have to be pregnant to feed,an old person,or a breastfeeding mother to feed,all you NEED to be is a MUSLIM!
May Allah spare our lives till then and beyond,may we reap all its benefits and rewards.
At Mama’s Delight,the cookware is our canvas!


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