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Today we will be talking about effective ⌚ management in the kitchen. For most of us, a quick meal turns out to be at least an hour in the kitchen, except we are cooking noodles(which you should be careful about consuming due to the high msg content and a whole sort of artificial additives there in+)!
From opening the fridge to take out something, we notice all sorts of things instead of going to cooking straight away!

From seeing something spoilt, we take it to the bin, they have to take out the trash, wash the dishes, kids start bickering… Our quick meal flies right out of the window! So how do we manage kitchen time especially on work/school days?
Let me break things down.

1. First thing first, you need to have a menu table that helps you prepare for the next day.
In having a menu table, you should have all your needed ingredients at hand.
We have 3 menu table that can help you prep. We have an e copy menu table, hard copy, and also an eCopy 7 days menu and recipe plan that helps you cook delicious meals with beautiful looking recipes.

2. Keeping ingredients within reach in a non clustered working area. This will help you get things quickly and without the delays of searching.

3. For those who have older kids, make a roster for each day of the week, or the day of the week you are most harried for a child to assist you. The child will be your errand hand, get you things from the fridge (and you won’t notice the spoilt whatever ;)!).

4. Get everything you will need for your meal before the time you start cooking, wash as you go, and remember that your kitchen hand can do the easy jobs, so give her some chores!

5. Since we use natural spices and not artificial seasoning cubes, make sure you have available your regular spice mix flavours that will allow you to cook any meal of choice!

6. Don’t be tempted to start other things. If you are cooking school Lunch at breakfast, get food flask ready and preheated the and finish that before moving to another chore…

7. Stock your freezer with half-done meals eg beans, Fried sauce for Jollof and for efo etc. Wrap your already plucked leafy vegetables in brown paper and keep in the fridge.

8. Have fun in the kitchen and don’t stress out! I will love to read your special kitchen management tips.
Over to you all.

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