Do you know that the oven part of your cooking gas stove could be a silent? killer!

Some time ago, I filled my gas cylinder &it finish in 3 days maximum! I was shocked, I suspected that the filling station had been mischievous with their gauge.

I changed where I refilled and the same thing happened 2 other times with different gas stations. I was worried, something was definitely wrong. I spoke to the man who had been servicing my cookers and the first thing he asked me was to go confirm if my oven control switch was on or off! Behold, I had been using the stove burner while the oven burner was on! Apparently because its the oven and the door is closed we do not smell the gas leaking. I was fortunate that I rarely use my home gas oven to bake. Can you imagine the scenario? If I had tried lighting the oven it would have exploded(see how God saves us while we do not know the harm lurking somewhere around us!)!

I have 3 people who have had from mild to severe burns from a gas oven explosion. All 3 didn’t realize the gas had been leaking due to the burners being switched on. Once the strike the lighter, boom!

For people who have young kids who don’t understand don’t touch the gas burner switch how do you protect yourself?

I do these ;
1. I always try to switch off the from the gas cylinder after every use.

2. I have removed the knob of the gas oven burner as seen in the picture. I rarely bake with my home oven so no need to keep it there. If I need it I will put it on.

3. Do not light the burner immediately if you notice the fire has been extinguished through the burner knob is still on. Switch it off and give ample time before putting it on again.

4. Give your children adequate gas safety rules irrespective of their age.

5. Let the younger children use the back burners to cook. This is such so that if there is an accidental spilling of what’s on the stove, it doesn’t pour directly on them but on the front burners.

6. Let younger children cook with adult supervision. My 10 years old cooks a lot, so I needed to read to her the gas cooker riot act!
Please keep safe!

What other methods do you use to keep safe?
Tag someone who this will benefit and share your experience.

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