The beauty in nature,indeed there are signs for those who reflect!

The recipe I’ll be sharing has a story behind it. What’s a recipe without a story anyway? Makes the meal more delicious if you ask me,*winks*!
Here goes the gist.
I had a lovely afternoon with my kiddies,visiting a family friend’s fish farm. My girls picked wild flowers,I found a snail in a fish pond,& they tried catching fish while trying to feed them! If you don’t know,I have a morbid fear for water,still or running,I don’t care! As much as I enjoyed the lovely scene with the sounds of the fish splashing with mixed smell of trees,water, wild plants,fish and everything,I refused to move any where close to the water. The kids where braver walking on the ponds,feeding the fish and having wild nature fun! Guess what,my back was turned to them all through their daring adventure,with my heart playing wild music!
In all it was fun,and I got to take these lovely nature pictures,with one of my kids, holding the yellow lovely flower!
I saw beauty in the best forms,no pretence,no artificial ornaments,no dazzle of technology,just the beauty of wild nature with joy of kids laughter,and heart full of wonder,mingled with some fear of what this wild holds.
As we leave this beauty behind,I ponder on the greatness of the One who sketched this beauty,without a pen or eraser!
The starkness of nature made me realize more,indeed there are signs for those who reflect!
Now what better way to end a farm visit? Of course,we got some cat fish gift from our adventure!
You should expect something tasty from this trip,abi? But emmm,wait a second!
You are thinking I’ll be sharing the recipe to the very delightful,appertising and delicious:
FRIED RICE WITH PAN FRIEDCAT FISH? Haaaa ? I will,but that will be for another post,and we will call it :
“Dinning With Nature( 11)” ! So you just have to visit again to get theatyummy recipes ? .
Till then,be good and fear Allah where ever you are…
With love,Shariifah.

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