The SMD Herb&Spice Seasalt (250g)

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20 in stock



The SMD Herb&Spice Seasalt is our newest baby in our range of natural cooking delight.

It is different from our regular small granules seasalt. The Herb & spice is an upgrade of finely blended sea salt with the addition of herbs like rosemary, oregano, basil, etc…chilis & peppercorns too. It can work on its own as your regular salt, without other spices in certain dishes.
H&B seasalt transforms your egg dishes(plain egg, omelette, or egg sauce), sauces, vegetable, salads, barbecue, grilling, roasting etc into classic dishes.

It can be used before, during and after cooking which allows you to use a minimal amount of spice yet reach even more taste delight.

It comes in 300 grams jar size and comes at 2500!

At SMD, We Are Changing Our World A Meal At A Time…


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