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Special Health Combo




Special Health Conditions (High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes.) & Weight Loss Spice Mix Co,bo.


Spice Mix Included:

  1. Yaji Suya
  2. Yaji Peppersoup
  3. Native Pot
  4. Multipurpose
  5. Curry
  6. Shukti&Spice
  7. Chili&Pepper
  8. Seafood
  9. Sauce & Marinades

For this special category, no seasalt has been added to the flavours. The 9 flavours have spices and herbs that alleviate the symptoms of the above ailments, while they also help to manage weight loss journey. The herb&Spice seasalt &Natural small granules seasalt has been excluded from this combo.



PS: Most of the discounted spice mix comes in our regular jars aside the Small Granules Seasalt, Chilis&Peppers and the Shutki&Spice


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