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SMD Seafood Spice Mix

27 in stock


27 in stock


This is a unique flavor of several antioxidant rich herbs and some carefully selected spices!

The spice mix lends itself beautifully to everything fish and sea food. It is not just for fish though, we use it even in our beef/chicken dishes.

It is amazing for fish stew, Soups,sauces, marinades, frying eggs, rubs, broth, stock and even making Moi Moi(though it darkens moi moi, so you might need extra red in chili to counter the darkness!), pasta, concoction etc!

This is definitely a saver for every kitchen, healthy tasty and rich! Just try this mix as chicken marinade, you will be blown!

After several years of working on what makes fish tick, we have this blend that gives fish royalty on the taste buds…

Uses and Descriptions:

All our spice mix are free from MSG and all artificial additives, including artificial preservatives,flavours and colours!

Each of the mix has between 11 to 20 combination of different spices and herbs that has been carefully studied and selected to give perfect taste finishing!

Store in their jars away from heat. Do not put wet spoons in the jars,and always close tightly after use.

The mix contains sea salt,so be careful while adding salt to your meals. Sea salt is a healthier alternative to the usual table salt. Some of the spice mix also have some specific sea food…

Enjoy 😋 and do give us feed back please 😉

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